The Puget Sound Repeater Roundabout will begin on November 19th, 2022 at 00:00, and end on November 20th, 2022 at 23:59, Pacific time.


Only these 113 participating repeaters from 50 radio groups are eligible for scoring points in the Repeater Roundabout. Please stick to these repeaters; we don’t want to annoy anyone who did not want to bring the contest to their repeater.

Please ensure that there is no ongoing activity on a repeater (such as a net) before you call for contacts. We cannot interfere with normal operation.


You should exchange

  • a mention of the “Puget Sound Repeater Roundabout”
  • a signal report (such as RST or CM)

Feel free to chat about anything and everything, though! The goal is to have a conversation.


You score one point for each repeater you make a contact on. Multiple contacts on the same repeater do not provide more points, but you might be helping others get some points, so do answer their calls if you hear them ! The person you contact does not necessarily have to be participating in the Repeater Roundabout for you to score a point – any contact counts.

Bonus : Collect ‘em all ! If you make a contact on all repeaters with the same club designation on the list of participating repeaters (for systems with at least two repeaters), your point score doubles for that system. For example, the PSRG operates a 2m repeater, a 6m repeater, and a 70cm repeater. If you log a contact on all three of them, you score six points instead of three.


You should log

  • the date and time (in Pacific time) of the contact
  • the callsign of the person you contacted
  • their signal report for your signal
  • the repeater’s Repeater Roundabout number (RR#) – see the repeaters page.

You must use this spreadsheet for logging, to make it easier to calculate your points. To get started, click on File, then Make a copy or Download.

Here’s an example log file :

Date Time Callsign Report RR#
Nov 19 11:32 KI7RMU CM5 1
Nov 19 17:02 KD7DK 59 35
Nov 20 08:51 K7RCH CM4 57
Nov 20 13:16 KX2CW CM2 22
Nov 20 13:16 KD7WGN 45 102

Logs can be submitted on this page. After the contest, a leaderboard will be published on this website. Logs must be returned to K7DRQ by November 27th to qualify.


Is there a prize ?
Fame and fortune await you ! Or at least fame. There might be a trophy too.
Can I arrange a contact beforehand ?
Yes, skeds are perfectly okay ! Arranging your QSO beforehand is perfectly fine.
Can I use Echolink or Allstar ?
You sure can ! The rules are the same, and nothing changes in the way you log your contacts. If a repeater has Echolink or Allstar, you can use it to make your contact.
Will each repeater have a club member monitoring ?
No – these contacts are as organic as possible. Get on a repeater, ask to chat to someone, and see what happens. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who’s also participating in the Repeater Roundabout, and you can share your progress. If they aren’t, you can still chat about anything and everything, and the contact still counts.
Can I send logs in ADIF format ?
No, sorry. The spreadsheet is the only way to log your contacts. See the logging page for more information.